Friday, July 01, 2005

Other Towns in Pesaro-Urbino Province I Have Visited

These are towns I've visited in the Pesaro-Urbino province, in addition to Urbania.

Acqualagna - We went browsing for shoes here in this town. Hosts the Annual Truffle Fair in fall.
Fano - Only came here once, and it was late during a cold April evening. However, all the Italians seemed to think Summer was in full-swing! Everyone was celebrating on the beaches already; I can't imagine how crazy it becomes during the real summer months. They even have a site for tourists!
Fossombrone - Took the bus here, walked around town and sought some ancient ruins. For Fossombrone's official site (in Italian), click here.
Pesaro - When I first arrived in Pesaro, it seemed so small. But after my time in Urbania, it seemed to monstruous. I guess it's all relative. Pesaro, like all seaside towns, becomes busy during the summer. This is their official tourism site for more info.
Urbino - Visited the birthplace of Raphael several times, as there was bus service daily to it from Urbania. This English site is a good welcome to Urbino. If you can read Italian, visit Urbino's site.

If possible, stop by Gola del Furlo. Beautifuly scenery, no tourists. Just clear blue-green water set against the limestone cliffs. You'll need a car for this. Dine at FURLO (Tel. 0172/700096, fax 0721/700117, Via Furlo 66) or at LA GINESTRA (Tel. 0172/797033, fax 0721/700040, Closed Monday and January).

Where to Eat in Pesaro-Urbino
(NOTE: Many of the beach towns are open 7 days a week during the summer to accomodate all the tourists. Therefore, call the restaurant to verify the most current schedule.)

IL VOCOLO Corso Roma 39. Tel. 0721/797145, fax 0721/797145. Closed July and Tuesday.
For more eats in Acqualagna, click here.
For additional recommendations, read this updated post on Acqualagna.

CASA NOLFI Tel. 0721/827066. Via Gasparoli 59, Fano, Closed Tuesday and July 15-31.
LA BUSSOLA DA DOMENICO Tel. 0721/801771. Viale Adriatico 27/a. Seafood specialty.


BRISTOLINO Tel. 0721/31609. Pazzale della Libertà 7, Pesaro. Closed Sunday.
COMMODORO Tel. 0721/33680. Viale Trieste 269, Pesaro, Closed Monday.
DA ALCEO Tel. 0721/55875, fax 0721/51360. Via Panoramica Ardizio 101, Pesaro, Closed Sunday evening and Monday and Aug. 13-30. Seafood.
DA TERESA Tel. 0721/30096, fax 0721/31636. Viale Trieste 180, Pesaro. Closed Sunday evening and Monday, Mar-Nov. NYT Review
IL CASTIGLIONE Tel. 0721/64934. Viale Trento 148, Pesaro. Closed Monday.
LA BUSSOLA DA DOMENICO Tel. 0721/69499. Viale Marconi 65. Closed Monday. Seafood.
LO SCUDIERO Tel. 0721/64107. Via Baldassini 2, Pesaro, Closed Sunday, Jan. 1-7, July.
TAVERNA DELLE SFINGI DA GIBAS Tel. 0721/69194. Viale Trieste 219, Pesaro.
For a more comprehensive list on where to eat in Pesaro, click here.

NENE' Via Crocicchia. Tel. 0722/2996, fax 0722/350161, Closed Monday and Jan 7-26.
VANDA Via Mari 4 - località Castelcavallino. Tel. 0722/349117, fax 0722/328438. Closed Wednesday, Dec 22-Jan 1, July 8-21.
VECCHIA URBINO Via dei Vasari 3/5. Tel. 0722/4447, fax 0722/4447, Closed Tuesday.

The Pesaro-Urbino Turismo Office Site is very helpful, once you figure it out. You can search for restaurants, accomodations, itineraries, etc.

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